Mary Kelly Foy’s Newsletter – 10th May

Miners and Mining Communities 

I gave my first full speech in Parliament this week, on miners and mining communities.

It was an incredible debate. I made the demand for a public inquiry into the strike, including at Orgreave, as well as economic justice for ex-miners and their communities. I also spoke about the incredible efforts of women in the North East.

A big thanks to the Durham Miners Association, Dave Anderson, and Canon Michael Everitt for their assistance.

Now, onto the Gala. Saturday 13th July. Be there!

Tobacco and Vapes Bill Committee 

You’ll recall that I wrote last week about the Tobacco and Vapes Bill Committee and how passionate I am about securing a smoke-free future for the next generation.

The committee is now working, and I’ve already raised the possibility of a ‘polluter pays’ levy to make sure big tobacco pays for the harms they cause. You can see a clip here.

I’ll no doubt update you with further developments in the future. 

Captain Noah

In Summer 2023, I met with the President of St Chad’s music. Phoebe was hoping to put on a performance of Captain Noah by Joseph Horovitz involving schools in Durham.

I’m delighted to say last Saturday, the show which took place in the Gala theatre was a resounding success! The pupils from Durham Johnston and St Hild’s CE Primary were absolutely phenomenal and the adult choir was simply brilliant.

Following this performance, I wrote to Phoebe and the Principal of St Chad’s College to offer my congratulations on a wonderful achievement. I am also writing to the Minister for DCMS to push for more funding for the arts in Durham.

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